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new: doc: add notes on login and password policy of charms

Valentin Lab 3 months ago
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They do not use any CPU or memory resources
** login and password policy
A charm have to manage different set of password. The best would be
that the charm:
- don't require user to choose password (less configuration)
- will promote reasonable security practice.
There are 2 types of password:
- inter-service passwords (ie: database access password), these are
never used by human operator, and will be required to be known by
the charms to set things up. These should be generated randomly
(although they could be set also via configuration if mentionned).
- they can only be changed by specific backend technical manipulation.
- user service's admin password (ie: admin user of odoo, nextcloud)
- they can be changed through the service interface.
- this service interface is available to the public and the general users.
- charm doesn't need the password to set things up around the service.
*** Inter-service passwords
- Login should be defaulted to name of the service when possible
- Should be defaulted to random values if not provided in configuration.
- Should not be advertised even in the command line interface.
- Should be reset-able anytime.
*** Interactive admin user service's password
- Login should be defaulted to 'admin'
- Should be defaulted to random values, and not be configurable in configuration.
- Should be advertised at the end of ~compose up~ along with URL of services as long
as the default value chosen by compose is still working.
- Should not be advertised once it was changed by user.