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Updating the charm to a new version

We are using official image. Latest tags usually.

Test new version has a powerfull and working database update mecanism that will take care of migrating database on startup as long as you jump only from one major version to the next.

Get latest available versions

You can double-check available candidate for official images like this:

docker-tags-fetch rocketchat/ -l 15 -f "^[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+$" | sort -rV

Check/Choose the version you want to test.

Modify your own compose.yml

By adding these 2 lines in your rocket chat service:

    image: rocketchat/

Replace X.Y.Z by the target version you want to test.

Launch compose up.

Be ready to wait a few minutes after compose up finished before the service to be available: rocketchat is expected to take some time to migrate.

Change the current charm to include new version

To prepare the commit for next version, you can run the following on the repository you'll use to push the new commit.

VERSION=$(docker-tags-fetch "$BASENAME" -l 15 -f "^[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+$" | sort -rV | head -n 1)
echo Last version of rocket chat: $VERSION
docker pull rocketchat/"$VERSION" &&
docker tag rocketchat/"$VERSION""$VERSION" &&
docker push"$VERSION" &&
sed -ri "s%^(docker-image:*%\1$VERSION%" metadata.yml &&
sed -ri "s%^(#docker-image: rocketchat/*%\1$VERSION%" metadata.yml

You can review the changes and commit them.