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new: full docker-for-mac support

Signed-off-by: Valentin Lab <>
Valentin Lab 10 months ago
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***** Requirements

On MacOSX, you'll need to install homebrew and gnu tools:
On MacOSX, you might need to install homebrew and gnu tools. Try the
deployment section before. Report us your success or not. If it seems
not to work in some way, this could help:
#+begin_src sh
## Install homebrew (from:
/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

***** TODO Deployment
brew install binutils diffutils findutils gawk gnu-indent \
gnu-sed gnu-tar gnu-which gnutls grep gzip \
wdiff wget bash wget bash \
gpatch less m4 make git openssh python


***** Deployment

#+begin_src sh
curl -sS | bash &&
ln -sf ~"/bin/compose" "/usr/local/bin/compose"

**** Docker Toolbox for mac

@@ -162,10 +179,11 @@ This method only works if you are on linux, MacOSX, or Windows WSL2
with docker installed inside WSL2.

You need to create a =compose.yml= that suits your need. You can
create it wherever you want as long as either you launch =compose= in
a sub-directory or you specify the location of the =compose= file with
the =-f COMPOSEFILE= option. Here's a good start, execute these command
in a shell:
create it wherever you want. We would recommend you to create a
sub-directory for your project named "lokavaluto" for instance, and
place the =compose.yml= inside. Here's a good way to create the
compose file, once you are in the correct directory, you can execute
these command in a shell:

#+BEGIN_SRC shell
cat <<EOF > compose.yml

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@@ -277,6 +277,11 @@ install.wsl2() {

install.mac() {

run() {
info "Detected system is '$OS'"