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browser: true
# See
ecmaVersion: 2017
# Globals available in Odoo that shouldn't produce errorings
_: readonly
$: readonly
fuzzy: readonly
jQuery: readonly
moment: readonly
odoo: readonly
openerp: readonly
Promise: readonly
# Styling is handled by Prettier, so we only need to enable AST rules;
# see
accessor-pairs: warn
array-callback-return: warn
callback-return: warn
- warn
- always
- ignoreConsecutiveComments: true
ignoreInlineComments: true
- warn
- 15
constructor-super: warn
dot-notation: warn
eqeqeq: warn
global-require: warn
handle-callback-err: warn
id-blacklist: warn
id-match: warn
init-declarations: error
max-depth: warn
max-nested-callbacks: warn
max-statements-per-line: warn
no-alert: warn
no-array-constructor: warn
no-caller: warn
no-case-declarations: warn
no-class-assign: warn
no-cond-assign: error
no-const-assign: error
no-constant-condition: warn
no-control-regex: warn
no-debugger: error
no-delete-var: warn
no-div-regex: warn
no-dupe-args: error
no-dupe-class-members: error
no-dupe-keys: error
no-duplicate-case: error
no-duplicate-imports: error
no-else-return: warn
no-empty-character-class: warn
no-empty-function: error
no-empty-pattern: error
no-empty: warn
no-eq-null: error
no-eval: error
no-ex-assign: error
no-extend-native: warn
no-extra-bind: warn
no-extra-boolean-cast: warn
no-extra-label: warn
no-fallthrough: warn
no-func-assign: error
no-global-assign: error
- warn
- allow: ["~"]
no-implicit-globals: warn
no-implied-eval: warn
no-inline-comments: warn
no-inner-declarations: warn
no-invalid-regexp: warn
no-irregular-whitespace: warn
no-iterator: warn
no-label-var: warn
no-labels: warn
no-lone-blocks: warn
no-lonely-if: error
no-mixed-requires: error
no-multi-str: warn
no-native-reassign: error
no-negated-condition: warn
no-negated-in-lhs: error
no-new-func: warn
no-new-object: warn
no-new-require: warn
no-new-symbol: warn
no-new-wrappers: warn
no-new: warn
no-obj-calls: warn
no-octal-escape: warn
no-octal: warn
no-param-reassign: warn
no-path-concat: warn
no-process-env: warn
no-process-exit: warn
no-proto: warn
no-prototype-builtins: warn
no-redeclare: warn
no-regex-spaces: warn
no-restricted-globals: warn
no-restricted-imports: warn
no-restricted-modules: warn
no-restricted-syntax: warn
no-return-assign: error
no-script-url: warn
no-self-assign: warn
no-self-compare: warn
no-sequences: warn
no-shadow-restricted-names: warn
no-shadow: warn
no-sparse-arrays: warn
no-sync: warn
no-this-before-super: warn
no-throw-literal: warn
no-undef-init: warn
no-undef: error
no-unmodified-loop-condition: warn
no-unneeded-ternary: error
no-unreachable: error
no-unsafe-finally: error
no-unused-expressions: error
no-unused-labels: error
no-unused-vars: error
no-use-before-define: error
no-useless-call: warn
no-useless-computed-key: warn
no-useless-concat: warn
no-useless-constructor: warn
no-useless-escape: warn
no-useless-rename: warn
no-void: warn
no-with: warn
operator-assignment: [error, always]
prefer-const: warn
radix: warn
require-yield: warn
sort-imports: warn
spaced-comment: [error, always]
strict: [error, function]
use-isnan: error
- warn
- prefer:
arg: param
argument: param
augments: extends
constructor: class
exception: throws
func: function
method: function
prop: property
return: returns
virtual: abstract
yield: yields
array: Array
bool: Boolean
boolean: Boolean
number: Number
object: Object
str: String
string: String
requireParamDescription: false
requireReturn: false
requireReturnDescription: false
requireReturnType: false
valid-typeof: warn
yoda: warn