OCA reporting engine fork for dev and update.
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OCA alternative reporting engines and reporting utilities for Odoo

This repository hosts alternative reporting engines to the ones included on Odoo core (RML, QWeb and Webkit). It is complemented with the ones that host the reports theirself:



https://github.com/OCA/sale-reporting ...

The convention is to use a suffix to each module to indicate that it's for using with that report engine (for example, account_invoice_report_birt or sale_order_report_pentaho).

It can contain also another utilities directly involved with reports (like merge/split utils, checkers, signing tools and so on).

Available addons

addon version summary
bi_sql_editor BI Views builder, based on Materialized or Normal SQL Views
bi_sql_editor_aggregate BI SQL Editor Aggregation
bi_view_editor Graphical BI views builder for Odoo
kpi Key Performance Indicator
kpi_dashboard Create Dashboards using kpis
kpi_dashboard_altair Create dashboards using altair
kpi_dashboard_bokeh Create dashboards using bokeh
report_async Central place to run reports live or async
report_context Adding context to reports
report_csv Base module to create csv report
report_label Print configurable self-adhesive labels reports
report_py3o Reporting engine based on Libreoffice (ODT -> ODT, ODT -> PDF, ODT -> DOC, ODT -> DOCX, ODS -> ODS, etc.)
report_py3o_fusion_server Let the fusion server handle format conversion.
report_qr Web QR Manager
report_qweb_element_page_visibility Report Qweb Element Page Visibility
report_qweb_parameter Add new parameters for qweb templates in order to reduce field length and check minimal length
report_qweb_pdf_fixed_column Fix auto-col to not change report font size caused by a boundary overflow
report_qweb_pdf_watermark Add watermarks to your QWEB PDF reports
report_qweb_signer Sign Qweb PDFs usign a PKCS#12 certificate
report_substitute This module allows to create substitution rules for report actions.
report_wkhtmltopdf_param Add new parameters for a paper format to be used by wkhtmltopdf command as arguments.
report_xlsx Base module to create xlsx report
report_xlsx_helper Report xlsx helpers
report_xlsx_helper_demo Report xlsx helpers - demo
report_xml Allow to generate XML reports

Translation Status

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