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This package provides charms for the ``lxc-deploy`` and
``docker-build-charm`` commands respectively from ``lxc-scripts`` and
``0k-docker`` packages.

A charm is basically a set of metadata and a shell script that will be
executed to create an image for lxc or docker.


Be sure to install ``lxc-scripts`` and ``0k-docker`` packages and that
their binaries are accessible to user 'root'.

By default, ``lxc-deploy`` and ``docker-build-charm`` will look for the
charm store to be located in ``/srv/charm-store``. This can be a symbolic

For instance, if ``0k-charms`` is installed in ``/opt/apps/0k-charms``,
you would do::

ln -sf /opt/apps/0k-charms/precise /srv/charm-store